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Why choose M&K?

Each M&K muffler is produced utilizing 321 stainless steel. This type of stainless is commonly used in the aviation industry due to it's higher quality alloys which withstand high heat applications. We are the only manufacturer to offer 321 stainless exhaust systems for Porsche automobiles.


Why 321 and not 304?

304 is not as durable as 321 in handling the constant heat cycling exposure produced during the lifetime of an automobile. 304 is also not as resilient as 321 in withstanding the acids given off by an internal combustion engine. Over the years 304 will eventually deteriorate and lose its strength and eventually need to be replaced. If your looking for a muffler that truly will last a lifetime then 321 stainless steel must be your choice.


What we do different.

M&K mufflers are designed to create a scavenge within the shell of the muffler to draw the exhaust out of the engine as quickly as possible. This allows your engine to breath better and create enough back pressure to increase the performance of your engine.


Weight is always a burden.

The best way to improve a car's performance and balance is decreasing the weight. The 911 has always been known for it's tail-happy attitude. We all know this is due to a large amount of weight at the very back of the car. Porsche drivers are always looking for ways to better their car's performance and handling by removing weight. Yet the most commonly overlooked source of weight is a factory Muffler.

When Porsche imported 911s into the US they had to adhere to USA's strict sound requirements. In order to achieve these requirements Porsche built multiple passages in their factory mufflers that increased the weight tremendously. Our Lightweight mufflers weigh close to 15 Pounds LESS than a factory installed muffler. The average M&K muffler tops the scale at a mere 14lbs, when some of the factory mufflers weigh in OVER 30! We produce the best quality best sounding and LIGHTEST mufflers on the market!

We have a number of in-stock, bolt on models that are ready to go for early, mid and late model 911s Up to the 996! All of our mufflers are available in either dual or single inlet configurations and outlet combinations. We have in-stock 356, 912 and 914-6 configurations.

We also have a muffler refurbishment program. No other manufacture offers such a wide range of services, solutions. Our reputation is unmatched and so is our product.





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All M&K components come with 30 day no questions asked warranty and a 6-month warranty on Craftsmanship of the components. As many of our products end up on racing applications this will void all warranty at time of the installation. Please feel free to contact us with regards to damage of any unit as we can pro rate an exchange unit depending on circumstances

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