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 SuperTec Performance


  SuperTec Performance - One of the Premier Porsche Engine builders worldwide install our M&K Exhausts on every engine they build.

They build the best engines around and they install the best mufflers! A Supertech engine with an M&K Exhaust is the absolute best combination around. Nobody in the business puts as much dedication and time into building engines as SuperTec does.

 Vintage NLA


  Vintage NLA - Is M&Ks midwest authorized installer and retailer! Not only do they install MK they have every item in stock available for viewing.

Make sure to stop by their showroom and check out the different models of exhaust we manufacture. Vintage NLA provides new and Used Parts and service for all Porsche Models. There showroom is located about an hour from Chicago, Milwaukee and Madison.

 Pelican Parts


  Pelican Parts - One of the best online retailers of New Porsche parts carries all of our M&K Exhaust components! Pelican Parts online community has helped M&K Exhaust take the aftermarket Porsche exhaust world by storm. They continue to be a strong supporter of our product and has helped M&K grab worldwide recognition and acclaim.

 Tre MotorSports


  Tre MotorSports - Is a full service Independent Porsche Service, Repair and High Performance facility in Van Nuys California. They perform the best in alignment and corner balancing, for either street or track with our John Bean Alignment Digital Imaging system. They carry install and recommend M&K Exhaust.



  Zims - Zims has been dealing with Porsche 356s for many years. Zims provided M&K with the necessary information that M&K needed to engineer our New 356 Mufflers and exhaust components! M&K partnered with Zims to build THE BEST after-market lifetime exhaust solution for your Porsche 356 B and C Coupes.



  MotoDelta - Their team has landed many 1st place finishes across the country. They retail and build world-class track cars. From simple Exhaust installations to full on race prep, MotoDelta can help you land that 1st place podium finish!



  Macine Revival - Is a supplier of Porsche parts for all models from 1965 to the present day in Europe. They are M&Ks premier importer of M&K products on the other side of the Pond. If you're anywhere in Europe the team and Machine Revival can get you setup with the right M&K Exhaust system for your car.
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All M&K components come with 30 day no questions asked warranty and a 6-month warranty on Craftsmanship of the components. As many of our products end up on racing applications this will void all warranty at time of the installation. Please feel free to contact us with regards to damage of any unit as we can pro rate an exchange unit depending on circumstances

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